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I live with my husband John and our son Carson in small town Gatesville, Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi but grew up mostly in College Station. Gig’em! 

When I'm not editing or shooting weddings you can find me reading books on theology or physics. I am very interested in the whole “Why are we here question.” When I’m not asking myself the mind crippling questions about our existence I'm watching true crime series. I do love a good Netflix documentary. 

Lastly I love people and want to know what makes them tick. Let's get coffee and talk about deep and meaningful things. I want to get to know the real you!

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"There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept." - Ansel Adams 

Family is what drives me to be successful in this business. Without the love and support of my husband I don't know if I would even be doing photography. He and my family have always encouraged me to be a photographer even when I didn't think it was possible. 

Each morning I wake up with my son, I think of how precious each stage of his life is and how important it is to me to capture those moment as they are. I don't want to forget them, and I'll always have them to look back on when he is older. 


Every time I'm in a new area of the world, I enjoy taking it all in. I want to do everything that spot has to offer. Before I visit a new place I see what State or National park is closest and add it to my list. Hiking and being in nature fills my soul and without it traveling would be pointless.

I believe that each part of the physical earth tells a story and I am leaving a part of myself behind when I visit. Hiking a mountain with tall trees or swimming in a clear lake with a beautiful waterfall bring a sense of wonder and I am utterly addicted to it. I am 100% a wanderlust. 


It is important to me to maintain lasting friendships with each of my clients. I am photographing one of the most important days of a client's life. I value the fact that my clients choose me out of hundreds of other photographers. 

I make it a priority to get coffee with my brides/grooms and get to know them on a personal level. Tell me where you went to school, where your from, how you met your fiance or if your into true crime. I want to know all the things! 


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