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What to Wear for every Season in Texas!

August 26, 2020

As a photographer it’s my job to make your session look as aesthetically beautiful as possible. However with your help we can make it absolutely perfect! Before I dive into my best advice let’s start off with what to steer clear of.


  1. I Edit my images to look like film there are certain colors that aren’t appropriate for how I edit. Those colors are neon colors. Neons are harsh on the eyes and terribly reflective.
  2. Along with neon colors, any red or orange range of colors will be reflective. Say you wear a red blouse and I have you and your partner posed facing one another. The red blouse will reflect onto your partners skin making it red.
  3. Wearing sleeveless tops or dresses and tight fighting clothes. Now I don’t pretend to know how anyone feels about themselves but I do know everyone has insecurities. I only want my clients to be happy with how they appear on camera. This is why I suggest loose fitting close and tops/dresses with sleeves. It’s much easier and successful to pose Clients when there is extra fabric to cover up any insecurities.
  4. Crazy Patterns. I’m not saying don’t wear any patterns. BUT… If you would like to wear a pattern have the other family members pull solid colors to wear from that pattern. Say you wear a floral dress, it has blues, greens and tan in it. Just take those colors and have your other family members wear them. If more than one family member wears a pattern I always suggesting fitting those pattern into a color scheme prepared beforehand. You can find any color scheme from Pinterest. Like black and white striped items always look cute with navy, burnt orange and olive.
  5. Never wear sheer or powdered makeup. Lady’s I know you want to look your best on a session day and I don’t blame you. However I highly suggest staying away from powdered makeup, it will show and I can’t edit it out.


Now that all the “Don’ts” are out of the way let’s talk about the “Do’s!” I’ve listed below all the possibilities for each season. I realize style is relative but timelessness is not. Wearing something simple will add so much value to your session. Having timeless images is what it’s all about, they can be hung up during every season and be admired for generations.


With this color scheme Dad can wear a white or navy button down.

With this color scheme Dad can wear a white, navy or light pink button down.

With this color scheme Dad can wear a light blue button down, white and blue striped button down or navy button down.

With this color scheme Dad can wear any solid colors as a button down from the striped blouse.

With this color Dad can wear white or a light pink button down shirt.


Have the baby wear a pop of olive green.

Putting a light orange or tan long sleeve shirt under the black overalls would pull this all together.

I think plum is a great fall color.

Black on Black never hurt anyone.

Fall is when you can really get creative.

All the clothes used in this blog post were found on Target’s website. This concludes my blog on what to wear for your session. I hope this post was insightful and if you have any questions regarding this post or in general i’d love to answer them for you. 




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