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Colorado the Beautiful | Pikes Peak | Echo Lake | Garden of the Gods

July 30, 2020

Colorado Road Trip during a Worldwide Pandemic

It was the week most business in Texas decided to open at half capacity. At this point I had been in my home for a little over a month. If you know me you know that was HARD! I live on the road and not being outside for that long was really getting to me. So I took my son and friend on a much needed road trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We didn’t do much in Colorado Springs. Mostly we just got starbucks every morning before we drove somewhere fun.

I didn’t plan anything about this trip. I did research the states regulations concerning COVID-19 and what was expected of us. We washed our hands and wore our masks. Honestly we didn’t do much outside of nature because everything was closed. We were in our car most of the trip and we didn’t mind it one bit. Everything was beautiful and we were enjoying the ride. We visited several places while in Colorado. Just to name a few: Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Echo Lake, Idaho Springs and Denver. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Echo Lake Park

We really wanted to go to Mt. Evans the tallest pathed road in the United States but it was closed. So we enjoyed what we could on our way up the mountain. A lot of stuff we got to see was by chance and by the areas we planned to go.

Pikes Peak

We learned a lot on our way up and down Pikes Peak. Low gear is scary and fun? There is a limit to how far up a mountain my body will allow me to go before I’m paralyzed with fear. That limit is 13,500 feet. I also have a suggestion for Colorado in general. Please put more protective barriers on the roads of your tall mountains. Thanks!

Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, Colorado

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