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Hannah + Jimmy | Red Bird Fields | Buckholts, Texas

June 16, 2020

Southern Charm at Red Bird Fields

On my way to Red Bird Fields I felt a nagging to pull of the side of the road and pray, and after the third nudge I did. I parked my car and started praying. At first it felt awkward because I haven’t prayed in a while and I don’t normally pull of the side of the road to do so. As I’m praying the words are just falling out of my mouth with no thought behind them. I prayed that Hannah and Jimmy’s wedding would reveal God’s Glory to anyone needing it or someone who doesn’t know God.

Later that day when the ceremony started it was like every word I prayed earlier was spoken by the pastor, Hannah and Jimmy. I was so surprised. I had water in my eyes the entire ceremony and a dumb smile that was so big I couldn’t hide it behind my camera. The craziest thing about it was I didn’t realize God was talking to me specifically until I talked to my sister and bestie on the way home.

When my sister text me what she heard at church that morning I was happy to hear it. Cord their preacher mentioned how out of the 200 times in the bible Jesus met with people, he was only in an actual church 12 times or so. That means 90% of the people Jesus reached weren’t in the church. What a beautiful opportunity Hannah and Jimmy had to bring Glory to God. Not only did they bring Glory to him but they also made me realize I’ve been spiritually out of touch for a while.

I feel honored to know two faithful young adults who are starting marriage off right. They are absolutely precious! Hannah wrote her vows in a journal Jimmy kept and wrote in for a majority of their relationship. How sweet is that? Look at them putting all of us couples to shame! The weather was perfect and the ceremony was in a well shaded spot. Hannah and Jimmy decided to do a feet washing ceremony which had me and everyone else ugly crying. I think being able to have that kind of humility is such a treasure. I love their high school sweetheart story and I feel blessed I got to capture their Wedding Day! I know God is going to fill their life with beautiful love and laughter.



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