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Ashley + Michael | A MONSTA Proposal | Galveston, Texas

June 16, 2020

A Gulf Coast Proposal in Galveston, Texas

Years ago my mom met Michael when we were all much younger. He was running a small charter business in Galveston while at Texas A&M University. When my mom booked a charter and met Michael she was impressed by not only his tenacity but his passion. She was hooked on offshore fishing and not long after her visit we got to go on a charter and meet Michael. Many charters later….

Capt. Sharky (Michael) is now our family friend and he even married my mom and her now husband Jake a few years ago. Michael is someone you don’t forget. His energy is amazing and his passion is unprecedented. His faith is strong and he has this incredible outlook on life that you can’t explain. I’m happy to know him and I’m even happier to have been apart of such a special moment in his life.

In the last few years Out Cast Charters has won best in Galveston. Michael owns Monsta Apparel Company (I actually just bought the hat michael is wearing in these pictures!) and hosts The Monsta Catch. The craziest part of his success is how he found time to find an incredible woman like Ashley to be his wife.

Ashley is such a beautiful person inside and out. She has a warm personality and is easy to talk too. The best thing about Ashley is she is as equally ambitious as Michael. Not only does Ashley own Southern Belle Photography she is a licensed Realtor in Galveston. These two are like the power couple of Texas or at least the Gulf Coast. The things they sacrifice for one another is incredible. They are a true testament to God’s love and I’m so happy to know both of them!

The proposal was pretty straight forward. I had been in-touch with Michael about this since around December 2019. Christmas was over and I thought Michael was going to propose to Ashley on Christmas. So when Ashley helped me with a wedding I had in Houston after Christmas I kinda brought it up. Ashley mentioned her desire to be married but in the kindest way. This woman was patient okay!!! I asked her what her ideal proposal was like and I remembered her saying it didn’t matter where or how as long as there was a photographer there to capture it. So me being the sneaky snake I am, I texted Michael the next day and said I don’t know what your plans are but when you propose to Ashley make sure to have a photographer there. Well there was and it was me!

On a Thursday I met Michael about an hour early at the marena. He had just got back from a charter and was filaying fish for his clients. These men were from North Dakota. I got to chat with them for a few minutes. Can you believe they flew to Texas so they could go on a charter with Michael?! How special is that? They were so friendly and I genuinely enjoyed talking with them, I learned a lot about ice fishing. After they left I met with Michaels Co. Captain, his wife and Ashley’s best friend. We all went on seperate boat. We tried to hide in an area they couldn’t see us. When they went by it was our que to go behind them.

Ashley knew they were bringing a friend but didn’t know who that person would be and she also didn’t know her bestie would be with us. So Jill was hiding on the floor of the boat when we pulled up. I was sitting in the front with a black jacket on. Y’all I looked like the guy from Mean Girls with a jacket and sunnies on. It was definitely suspicious but she didn’t guess what was going on so that’s good. As soon as we pulled up Michael asked Ashley to get something out of the front compartment of the boat and when she did he got behind her and got on one knee. When she couldn’t find whatever Micael asked her to get she turned around and BAM! She got proposed! It was amazing and gorgeous. I need more stuff on the coast because the light was EVERYTHING!


This girl was in shock the entire time! It was so cute!

After Ashley and Michael fished by themselves for a bit I got on their boat and we went further offshore to find a good spot to catch a shark! Michael and Ashley said a beautiful prayer before we drove off.

We had so many sharks and other fish on the line but waited for the perfect one!

-The End-

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