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New Mexico | Lincoln National Forest | White Sands National Park

February 17, 2020

New Mexico

Alamogordo | Cloudcroft | Lincoln National Forest | Ruidoso | White Sands National Park

When my sister and I were 14 my Dad took us to Ski Apache in Ruidoso, New Mexico to ski/snowboard. It has always been one of my favorite memories. I remember my Dad bought this Native American Sounds CD and when we woke up in New Mexico the CD was playing. With the desert terrain around us I looked at my Dad and he was wide eyed, staring at me with coffee in one hand and another on the wheel. He was just smiling intently and I laughed so hard. When my Dad gets excited it’s hard not to noticed. He gets excited with his whole body and it’s contagious. It’s one of my favorite things about him. With this memory in mind my sister and I loaded up our littles and started our adventure.

On the drive my sister’s husband Bob was lucky enough to get some time away from work and meet us on our way. He is employed at Compass Well Services in the Midland/Odessa area so we met him for dinner. It was cool to see where Bob spends most of his time “providing for the family.” I’m grateful to him and my husband both for being our biggest supporters when we take these spontaneous trips. We all agree that travel is an investment worth making.

We eventually passed the Texas border and got further into New Mexico. Nicole and I discussed old memories and what we should do with the boys the next day. We called my Dad before it got to late and told him we were on our way to New Mexico. I don’t think our parents will ever get used to us randomly going and doing things. It surprises them every single time. We’ve decided to keep it to ourselves so we don’t have to hear the over the top lectures. We love our folks but dang do they worry. My Dad mentioned to watch out for ice on the road and keep the gas tank full incase it snows us in somewhere.

Honestly while he was saying this Nicole and I rolled our eyes. We had looked at the weather app before we left and it said nothing about snow. However Nicole and I were in for a surprise because as soon as we got off the phone with him there was red salt on the road and snow everywhere. It was Awesome!

Our hotel was in Alamogordo about 30 minutes from Cloudcroft. It was too dark to see anything but we knew we were in the Lincoln National Forest which was pretty cool. We finally got to our hotel and passed out. We stayed at the Hampton Inn that had an Ihop next to it. The next day we woke up, had breakfast at Ihop and headed to Ski Apache.

We were not prepared and that was an understatement. From our clothes to our ski knowledge we decided to go back down the mountain. On our way down we stopped and snapped some pictures of the boys were we have pictures with our Dad.


Ruidoso, New Mexico

I love this area, it’s so pretty!

The next day we headed off to Cloudcroft with warmer clothes. We made stops on our way along the Lincoln National Forest. I loved the trestle recreation area even though I was terrified to walk onto the viewing area.

Lincoln National Forest

If you look carefully you can see White Sands National Park!

When we got to Cloudcroft we found a local shop that sold snow gear called High Altitude. After getting help from the sweetest employee ever, we got what we needed and found a park to use our sleds. Our kids had so much fun, Carson didn’t stop until his hands were so cold he couldn’t bare it. Yes.. we tried to keep his gloves on… he wouldn’t listen.

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

If any of my photographer friends are curious I am editing with Mastin Labs Portra Pushed 400 +1. I love film and I am so ready to share more of what I love now than ever. I’ll be using these presets a lot more this year. For the B&W I am using Noble BLK Presets.

Disclaimer: I am not a moody photographer. The moody look of the below images was mostly me having fun with portra at sunset. Look at the moon in the bottom black and white image. I love it!

Lincoln National Forest

Before the sun actually set we headed to the pretty sand we were staying by.

White Sands National Park

On our last day we let the boys sled for a few hours and then headed home, this time it actually snowed while we played, it got pretty crazy. They both enjoyed this trip so much and Carson most of all. He asks me almost everyday to play in the snow.

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

– The End –

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