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Portland Head Lighthouse and Luke’s Lobster | Oldest Lighthouse in Maine | Cape Elizabeth, Maine

November 22, 2019

This was a welcomed attraction after my first plane ride at 26 years old. If you asked me before I went to Maine if I would ever visit Maine I would have told you No. As long as I can remember I’ve only ever wanted to visit Europe and then when I retire see the homeland. Boy did this trip turn what I thought I wanted upside down on its big ol’ head!

When my husband John came home from work one day he mentioned that his co-worker Tanna was getting married in Maine and looking for a photographer. He told me he mentioned my name because he knew I wanted to travel with the job more. Not until Tanna emailed me did I think this was an actual possibility.

Being on a plane was something I hadn’t done before because of my extreme phobia of flying. My mom and sister fly everywhere and I thought well if they can do it, and they are still alive it’s probably ok?! Happily I told Tanna I’d do it. I told my sister and friend and they booked their flights almost immediately. They couldn’t let me go on my first plane ride alone. I was grateful.

Let me just start this paragraph off by apologizing to my sister Nicole and my bestie Mirriah. Additionally to the Southwest Airlines staff and every person who was on that plane with me for two hours. Now let me thank all of those same people. I have never cried or prayed (out loud) harder anywhere. Ever. I had a full blown panic attack, in-fact it was the worst one I’ve ever had.

My poor sister was over it, she had flown a billion times and had been holding me for like 40 minutes. This wasn’t scary to her and she could not understand how upset I was. She kept telling me to calm down and was worried my behavior would get us kicked off the plane. I don’t blame her I was practically screaming bloody murder and shouting for JESUS TO KEEP ME SAFE FOR MY FAMILY!!! Mentally I was not hearing her or anything else.

All I could do was feel the motion of the plane and it paralyzed me. I kept thinking there is nothing below my feet, we are going to a height I can’t comprehend and I have to pee from the stress and I won’t use the bathroom because I’m too scared. What if I fall out of the planes toilet? Looking back now I can’t help but laugh hysterically. I wasn’t rational at all in my fear, don’t judge me! 😂

After what felt like my entire existence the plane was at altitude and leveled out. The lights came on and I came to my senses. I was so panicked I didn’t realize how tightly I was holding onto Mirriah until I let go of her. I couldn’t have done it without her. She legit let me scream and cry while I held her really tight. She still tells me it was her favorite interaction with me. She’s a weirdo, but I like her and I’m a little flattered so I’ll take it. 😄

I realize this is getting long but honestly y’all need to hear what happened next. Once we ordered our drinks the turbulence  started and I was wrecked all over again. The plane was tumbling around and it lasted the rest of the flight. I legit thought this was it, I’m going to die. I didn’t cry again but I got very nauseous. The nausea kept me pretty still but it didn’t stop me from praying out loud again. God heard me I’m still here! 😂

When we got off the plane in Baltimore (BTW I love that airport) I couldn’t even process what I just went through because we had to get on another plane to Portland. Before we got on that plane my sister tells me that was the worst turbulence she’s ever experienced. Surprisingly that gave me some comfort but I was also upset that had to happen on my first flight. I thought well maybe this last flight wont be so bad, at least it’s only an hour…. Nope it was worse! Instead of turbulence this plane legit fell out of the DANG SKY!!! Like we were free falling… Worst experience of my life. Ive come to realize I will never like flying. Thankfully now that I’ve done it I’m not afraid to get on another plane. I won’t let my fear keep me from seeing the world.

When we finally got to Portland we took the rental car to Luke’s Lobster. It’s an adorable restaurant on a secluded pier. When you walk up to the entrance you can see the building is covered in what I would call fishing bobbers. In Maine these are Lobster Pot Markers and they are EVERYWHERE! I think they are the coolest thing and love the unique places you can find them. Because I don’t really like seafood I didn’t eat lobster. However I did have haddock. All I could do was think about how much I hated fish but why not. I just conquered my fear, I flew on an airplane… So I can do anything! Glad I ordered it because I found a type of fish I actually like. It was really good! Haddock for the win!

-Portland Head Lighthouse-

When we were done eating we drove to Cape Elizabeth and visited the Portland Head Lighthouse. The oldest lighthouse in the state of Maine. Directed by George Washington with a budget of $1,500 the rubblestone headlight was built in 1791 when Maine was actually Massachusetts. The lighthouse is gorgeous but what makes it so incredible are the cliffs of Casco Bay that it sits on. I’ve never seen rock like that. It’s jagged and raw. The rain brought out all the rich colors and the water is deep blue like ocean water should be. Nothing like the water I grew up playing in on the gulf coast.

When you are on the left side of the lighthouse you can see Ram Island Ledge lighthouse in the middle of Casco Bay. It was constructed in 1905 to warn sailors of the underwater ledges in that area that had been causing shipwrecks. On the right side of the lighthouse you can see more mesmerizing cliffs. There is a beautiful white house atop the cliffs adorning all that perfect Maine charm.

When we left there was a rainbow, it was beautiful. 🌈

-The End-

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